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WHAT EXACTLY DOES SOFTSHELL MEAN? What is the benefit of a softshell jacket? On the scale of breathability versus waterproof protection. Softshell jackets and hardshell jackets each provide a degree of both, but they fall on opposite sides of the centre line.... read more

Hill walking for beginners

Hill walking is an excellent low-impact workout for beginners. Studies show it offers multiple physical and mental benefits. From reducing anxiety to preventing osteoporosis, hiking is an outdoor activity delivering benefits beyond scenic and fun. Unlike walking on a... read more

Walking Properly

Walking is more than just a personal mode of transportation. With more than 145 million adults including it as a critical part of their active lifestyle. With all of these steps being racked up, you’d think we all are doing it correctly. Well, we are here to tell you... read more

7 Cs of Communication

A lot of hardship and wasted time in the office can be stopped with effective communication. So here are the 7 Cs of Communication. Clarity: be clear with your message, keep it simple Concise: Use the least amount of words possible. Saves time for sender and receiver... read more

How to form a habit

Tired of setting goals and not achieving them? The trick is to chip away at your goals in small incremental steps. When you know how to form habit related to your goal, then you turn success into a series of doable actions. Focus on the new habit Work on one habit at... read more

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