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The greatest race, helping each other

One of the most significant attributes that we have is the ability to work together in creating an environment that allows us as people, in no matter what sphere of life we are operating in, the ability to work and help each other to succeed and to celebrate what we... read more

Walking to Burn Calories

Some people have to build up to doing the things they want to do. Not everyone has the confidence in their ability to trek up a hill or mountain. Or they cant get past there own thoughts of negativity, whether that’s weight or thinking they can’t do it, or... read more

LEADERSHIP | Second Attribute of Success

Leadership is one of the greatest attributes of a successful team. To be a leader you need to possess certain traits and characteristics that encourage team members to achieve their full potential. As a leader, you need to lead and inspire through your actions, and... read more

Basic Advice About Food

There is a lot of controversy in the health and wellness world about whats right for you and what is wrong. They change over time and evolve with new research into the area each year. These pieces of advice are basic, so I hope you find some value in them. Here are a... read more

When Success Hurts

Walking recently on a hill behind my Killarney home, I was asked for consolation and advice by a CEO who claimed his life had become a lie. To family and colleagues, he is successful, flash, brash and influential but walking through heather and gorse into a stiff wind... read more


When I first started my own business at the age of 15, I was hungry, angry, ambitious, and I had a dream. My father who had a business of his own and had worked his ass off for over 15 years had gone broke, and I was angry at the position it left our family. Dad lost... read more

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