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Mt Elbrus Expedition July 2019

The team on route to #Russia #Moscow #MtElbrus #7Summits keep posted#Challeng I’m looking forward to leading this great bunch of fun-loving adventures. ‬ Posted by Pat Falvey on Saturday, July 27, 2019 Day 1 Mt Elbrus day one and the team... read more

The Domino Effect

Extraordinary results are about creating “the domino effect” in your life. A domino can topple another domino that topples another domino and so on. Success works the same way. The key then is to identify the first ‘domino’ every day, and focus... read more

Kilimanjaro’s most Frequently Asked Questions

In this blog and video, I have answered Kilimanjaro’s most frequently asked questions about climbing Kilimanjaro. After listening to this video you may have other questions. Please email or ring us with questions and we will do our best to answer them for... read more


WHAT EXACTLY DOES SOFTSHELL MEAN? What is the benefit of a softshell jacket? On the scale of breathability versus waterproof protection. Softshell jackets and hardshell jackets each provide a degree of both, but they fall on opposite sides of the centre line.... read more

Hill walking for beginners

Hill walking is an excellent low-impact workout for beginners. Studies show it offers multiple physical and mental benefits. From reducing anxiety to preventing osteoporosis, hiking is an outdoor activity delivering benefits beyond scenic and fun. Unlike walking on a... read more

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