Video: 7 Tips to Stay Positive and Protect your Mental Health in a Crisis

These are scary times, and we are all experiencing global turmoil with massive uncertainty and fear. We have to stay positive and protect our Mental health. As part of my, ‘You Have The Power’ series to explore the mindset you need to have a happy balanced life and to help your coping skills. Here are 7 suggestions to help you make the most of life during this crisis.

FREE Guided Meditation –
I am a Mountain: De – stress : Breathe : Relax

We all live busy lives and we sometimes say “we don’t have a minute”. This means we don’t have time for me and this can cause huge stress, being anxious and not being the best that you can be. Take time out of your busy life and breath. In this meditation, I use the analogy of the Mountain. We are like a mountain.

You are stable and strong just like a mountain; you can weather the harshest of weathers. You, just like the mountain will not be blown over or damaged by any external forces . No rain or wind or storm will cause you to fall down, you will overcome any danger. Remember if there is no enemy within, the enemy outside can do us no harm. Join me on this meditation.


In my new book “YOU HAVE THE POWER” you will find the solutions to help you be the best you can be no matter what you desire.

Now is the time to believe and accept that you have the power to explore and create the mindset that allows you to become the person you are capable of becoming. No matter where you are in life, no matter what you do, where you live, what you earn or what age you are, a mindset that is positive, courageous and focused allows you to dream-dare-do and to achieve what you want in life. I have written this book to provide you with the tools to do this.

* The attributes of Success  

*Resilience in a crisis 

*Develop The Positive Mindset to achieve your dreams 

*Keep mind and body fit for the life you want to live 

* Find and maintain balance in your life 

*Become efficient so that you achieve more, quicker 

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