Accidental Rebel

Accidental Rebel


In his autobiography, Pat Falvey – one of Ireland’s most prolific adventurers – tells the story of his epic life. His book chronicles one man’s determination to push beyond the limits of an ordinary man to achieve his extraordinary and challenging dreams and survive in one of the world’s riskiest sports, where thirty of his colleagues have died.

Fast-paced, reflective, humorous and emotionally honest, Accidental Rebel charts the life of a man who has both paid the price and reaped the rewards for refusing to accept the restrictions society put on him in the pursuit of his dreams and a life of adventure.

Dreaming big is something Cork city native Pat Falvey has done since his earliest days in the working-class northside where he was born. This is where he cut his business teeth, knocking on doors and collecting cast-off clothes that his grandmother sold at country markets.

At fifteen, he declared that he was going to become a millionaire. By the age of twenty– three, that dream had come true. However, the 1980s’ recession all but destroyed his business and brought him to the brink of the abyss. When he emerged from the darkness, he was ready to dream big again.

When he stood on the top of Carrauntoohil – Ireland’s highest mountain – for the first time, at the age of twenty-nine, Pat announced that he was going to climb Mount Everest. It was his second ever mountain climb, and the only person who took him seriously was himself. Nine years later, he was standing on the top of the world’s highest mountain.

Following his move into the world of adventure, he clocked up several national and world firsts before returning to the world of business. In his work as an inspirational speaker and motivator, he shines a light for all who want to explore the limits of who they can be. Now in his early sixties, he’s still dreaming big and chasing new adventures.

In Accidental Rebel, Pat details the successes, failures, triumphs and tragedies of his life, chronicling one man’s determination to push beyond the limits to achieve his dreams – and survive.

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