Relax- get fit and take a walk on the wild side, get away from the hustle and bustle of modern living and join one of our walking adventures, Climbs, Retreats or training courses .

About The Mountain Lodge

The Lodge is Pat Falvey’s home and is full of incredible memorabilia and photographs from 30 years of Pat’s significant expeditions, treks and of his many tribal encounters around the world.  Mt Everest, Antarctica South Pole, North Pole, Greenland, Arctic, West Papua New Guinea, The Seven Summits and over 100 other expeditions to the highest coldest and most remote regions of our planet.

If you are a climber, explorer, aspirant adventurer, an armchair traveller or just curious about world travel. This is a great place to stay to be inspired, motivated and encouraged to plan your next adventure.

Rooms & Suites

Available for Groups & Family long stays

Welcome to our spacious property, perfect for large groups and gatherings! With six comfortable rooms, our space can easily accommodate up to 15 people, offering ample room for everyone to relax and enjoy their stay. Whether you’re planning a family reunion, a getaway with friends, or a corporate retreat, our property provides the ideal setting for your needs.

Each room is thoughtfully designed for both comfort and style, ensuring a restful night’s sleep for all guests. From cozy bedrooms to inviting common areas, our property offers plenty of space for socializing, unwinding, and making memories together.


Shackleton room


Skelligs room


South pole room


South pole room


Everest room


Kilimanjaro room


Carrauntoohil room

Services & Amenities

Experience comfort, convenience, and security with our tailored amenities, designed to make your stay unforgettable.

24 Hrs Call Support

Need assistance or have a question at any time of day? Our round-the-clock call support ensures you're never left in the dark.

Self Laundry Service

Pack light and stay fresh! Our self-service laundry facilities are at your disposal for hassle-free cleaning.

Full WiFi Access

Stay connected with the world or stream your favorite shows with our free, high-speed WiFi access.

Hi-Class Security

Your safety is our priority. Enjoy peace of mind with our high-class security system, keeping you and your belongings secure during your stay.

Unwind in our stunning glass extension, offering breathtaking views of the mountains. It's the perfect spot to relax and soak in the serene beauty of nature.

Our Retreats

Embrace a rejuvenating blend of yoga and nature at our Yoga and Hiking Retreat. Start your day with refreshing yoga sessions, followed by scenic hikes in a tranquil setting.

Outdoor Activities

Looking for adventure? We organize a variety of outdoor activities to enhance your stay. Explore the great outdoors and make unforgettable memories with us.


  • Walking/ Trekking
  • Island Tours and Walks
  • Holistic and De-stress Activities
  • Private Guides Available
  • Cycling Adventures
  • Carrauntoohil – Ireland’s Highest Mountain
  • Corporate Team Building Events
  • Presentations on Resilience and Leadership
  • Retreats On Request
  • Fitness/HIIT Classes
  • Expedition Training Courses

Our Value

Book direct our rooms and get more benefit

Located in Beaufort, our property provides easy access to nearby attractions, restaurants, and activities, making it convenient for exploring the area during your stay.



OFFICE: +353 64 6644 181


ELAINE CRONIN +353 (0)87 614 0134


MOBILE +353 874288024


  • No smoking indoors.
  • Respect quiet hours from 10pm to 7am.
  • No parties or events without permission.
  • Keep the space clean.
  • Be considerate of neighbors.
  • Enjoy your stay and most of all have fun!


  • Check in after 3:00 PM.
  • The keys are in the lockbox beside the back door.
  • Please contact to get a code for the lockbox.
  • No dogs allowed.
  • Make yourself at home.


  • Check out is at 11:00 AM.
  • Leave the key in the keybox.
  • Make sure to close all windows and doors, turn off all utilities.
  • If you liked staying with us, leave us a review! Thank you!

Welcome to our home! We’re thrilled to have you here, and we appreciate your commitment to helping us maintain an environmentally friendly space. To make recycling easy for you, we’ve provided a dedicated recycling bin. Here’s a quick guide on what and how to recycle:

Recycling Bin Location At the hall beside the back door (where washing machine utilities are).

What to Recycle :

Glass jars and bottles. Plastic: Plastic bottles, containers, and packaging labeled with recycling symbols. Paper: Newspapers, magazines, cardboard, and paper packaging. Metal: Aluminum and steel cans.

Food Waste Bin To help us maintain a clean and eco-friendly space, here’s a quick guide for handling food waste:

Food Waste Bin Location The black small bin is situated in the kitchen next to the fridge.

What to Dispose of in the Food Waste Bin Fruit and vegetable scraps. Coffee grounds. Eggshells. Non-greasy leftovers.

Trash/Rubbish Disposal To keep our home tidy and organized, here’s a quick guide on disposing of trash:

Trash Bin Location The black double bin is located in the kitchen near the dining table.

What to Dispose of in the Trash Bin Non-recyclable plastics. Used tissues and napkins. Broken glass. Non-compostable waste.

  • Igniting the Gas Cooker

    1. Turn the knob to off: Ensure the stove knobs are in the “Off” position before starting.
    2. Check for gas odor: Before igniting, check for any gas odor. If you detect a smell, ventilate the area and do not proceed. Contact your gas supplier.
    3. Press and turn: Press the knob down and turn it towards the right. You should hear a clicking sound.
    4. Hold for ignition: Continue holding the knob down for a few seconds. The clicking sound will stop, and the flame will ignite.
    5. Adjust flame: Once ignited, adjust the flame using the control knob. Aim for a steady, blue flame for optimal cooking.
  • How to Use Oven & Grill

    1. Preheat: Turn on the oven and set the desired temperature.
    2. Select function: Choose the cooking function (bake, grill) on the control panel.
    3. Set timer: If needed, set the timer for cooking duration.
    4. Place food: Use oven-safe cookware or grill rack as required.
    5. Monitor: Watch cooking through the oven window if available.
    6. Grilling (if applicable): Preheat grill, place food on rack, adjust temperature.
    7. Turn off: When done, turn off the oven using the control panel.

TV Information TVs are available in the Lough Leane room and sitting room, offering access to all RTE channels and Sky. Feel free to sign in to your personal Netflix or YouTube accounts for additional entertainment.

Coffee Machine

  1. Ensure the water reservoir at the back is filled.
  2. Press the metal handle up.
  3. Insert the tablet with its round side facing outward.
  4. Press the handle down to its normal position.
  5. Press the cup button.
  6. Wait for a few seconds until the machine is ready.
  7. When both lights stop flashing, press the cup button again.

Washing Machine and Dryer:

The washing machine and dryer are located in the utility room. Load clothes evenly to maintain balance during the wash cycle. Use the appropriate detergent for your laundry needs. Select the desired wash cycle, dry cycle, and water temperature based on clothing care instructions. Avoid overloading the machine to ensure optimal performance. Once the wash is complete, promptly remove clothes to prevent odors.


The dishwasher is situated in the kitchen. Scrape off excess food from dishes before placing them in the dishwasher. Load dishes with care, ensuring they do not block the spray arms. Use dishwasher detergent as recommended for best results. Select the appropriate wash cycle based on dish cleanliness and load size. Refrain from overloading and arrange items strategically for efficient cleaning. Empty the dishwasher after the cycle is complete to allow proper drying.

In the kitchen, beneath the sinks, you’ll find supplies for the dishwasher and washing machine, including detergent powders and tablets.

What we offer

Discover the perfect retreat for groups and families seeking long stays at our esteemed lodge. With ample space and comfortable accommodations, our inviting haven is tailored to accommodate your entire group. Whether you’re planning a reunion, a team-building retreat, or a memorable family vacation, we have everything you need to create lasting memories.

And the best part? Unbeatable prices that will leave you ready to conquer the world!

Private Hire for Unforgettable Events:

Looking to host a corporate retreat, family gathering, or training event? Look no further! Our private hire option offers exclusive access to our exceptional facilities for just €720 per night, with a minimum stay of 2 nights and a maximum of 13 guests. Immerse yourself in nature, foster team building, and create memories that will last a lifetime.

To book your adventure or check availability, simply call our friendly team at 064 66 44 181. Hurry, as spaces are filling up fast!

Cancellation Policy:

We understand that plans can change unexpectedly. Please note that a cancellation fee applies if cancellation occurs within 4 weeks prior to your stay. Details can be provided upon booking.

Don’t wait another moment to embark on your dream adventure. Book now and let the thrill begin!

Note: Prices and availability are subject to change.

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