The team on route to #Russia #Moscow #MtElbrus #7Summits keep posted#Challeng I’m looking forward to leading this great bunch of fun-loving adventures. ‬

Day 1

Mt Elbrus day one and the team acclimatized to 3100m on Mt Cheget here in Russia. We moved up onto the buffer Border Zone between Russia and Georgia. All the team are in great form and looking forward to the next 11 day in Russia. Freddy T Bear is back climbing with me after a long absence from being on expeditions.

Here are some shots of today. Great weather, the view and spectacular on this trek.  #MtElbrus #7Summits #MtBlanc #Challenge #Mountain#Trekking #FindYourDream Adventures of a lifetime

Day 2

Mt Elbrus a beautiful trek from the village of Therskol to The Astronomical Observatory at 3050 meters. From farmsteads, we made our way up through alpine woods and the valley of the flowers before breaking out onto an alpine region with spectacular scenery over Cheget, Therskol and AZAU. Then onto a beautiful waterfall is known as Dolls Hair before ascending to 3050 meters to the Observatory where we gained sights of our objective Mt Elbrus. Here are some photos and a video worth watching of Day 2. Great weather, the terrain was very different today on this trek. #MtElbrus #7Summits #MtBlanc#Challenge #Mountain #Trekking #FindYourDream Adventures of a lifetime Keep posted and share. #MtElbrus 

Day 3

A big acclimatization day today as the team we made our way to Base Camp Elbrus at 3900 meters before returning to Azau at 2200 meter and prepare for moving up onto Elbrus tomorrow. Now it will be all focus on getting ready for a summit attempt over the next few days. We are, of course, worried about the weather, and we will be keeping our eye on our best possible chance to summit. The forecast for the weather is very mixed. Keep posted and see how we get on in attempting Europes highest mountain. #MtElbrus #7Summits #MtBlanc #Challenge #Mountain #Trekking#FindYourDream Adventures of a lifetime Keep posted and share. 

Day 4

A mixed bag of sun and bad weather today. We moved for our low base camp in Azua at 3900m camp to our container accommodation (Away better than a tent!!) as you can see from pictures. Then an acclimatization trek in mixed conditions to above 4100meter. The team are in good form, and Freddy T.Bear has a bit of altitude sickness and is suffering from a slight headache. Video shows mixed conditions. All are resting tonight and tomorrow we do a switchback trek to 4850 / 5100 meters as we prepare for a summit attempt on Sunday morning as the weather is closing in. Cross fingers. Pat Falvey over and out from high camp Mt Elbrus #MtElbrus #7Summits #MtBlanc #Challenge #Mountain #Kilimanjaro#Trekking #FindYourDream #MtElbrus  #Trekking Adventures of a Keep posted and share. 

Day 5

#MtElbrus the team are now acclimatized to 4700meters. We are now ready for a summit attempt. Today was cold, foggy and weather changing with the winds rising over the next few days. It’s decision time, and at a team meeting, we have decided to go on Am Sunday morning to give ourselves the best chance at the summit. It’s going to be a tough one. The team are in great form and are going to take a rest day tomorrow Saturday and be reading to leave early am Sunday. #MtElbrus #7Summits #MtBlanc #Challenge #Mountain #Kilimanjaro#Trekking #FindYourDream #Trekking Adventures of a Keep posted and share. 

Day 6

#MtElbrus day 6, rest day today with skills training. The team is ready, and we go for the summit at 2 am. Cross fingers for the weather. TO THE SUMMIT. #MtElbrus #7Summits #MtBlanc #Challenge #Mountain #Kilimanjaro#Trekking #FindYourDream #Trekking Adventures of a Keep posted and share. 

Summit day 7

#MtElbrus # Summit, Summit, Summit What a day winds over 50Km/PH and condition worsening for the next few days. So we made an informed decision to go today. It was cold and windy and took a great effort by all the team. Now for the celebrations!! and then on to #Moscow Summit team Steve Cotter Cormac Ó Cathasaigh Michael FortuneGer Mullally Niall Mullally, Pat Falvey, Catherine Nolan, Donal o Sullivan, Chris McGarry, Damien Gill. To 5600 meters just 80 meters under the summit Charlie Gibbons

#MtElbrus #7Summits #MtBlanc #Challenge #Mountain #Kilimanjaro#Trekking #FindYourDream #Trekking Adventures of a lifetime Keep posted and share.

Elbrus team in Moscow

24 hours of seeing the sights of Moscow. The#Kremlin #RedSquare #TheRiverMoscow Moscow by night. We came, we saw and we had a great time. Highly recommend you all to visit. That it from Russia for another year. On route home to Ireland for 18 hours before leaving with my new team for August on Kilimanjaro. Don’t forget to visit my website for adventures of a lifetime.

Mt Elbrus Expedition July 2019 Mt Elbrus Expedition July 2019 Mt Elbrus Expedition July 2019

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