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Reduce knee pain while hiking

I have seen a lot of people with knee problems in my walking in my time. here are a few things that help with knee troubles. Choose the right shoes What you put on your feet matters. Make sure that you’re wearing properly fitting hiking boots or shoes. Choose boots... read more

winter hiking tips

While hiking is a simple activity, it becomes more difficult to hike in winter due to low temperatures and potentially hazardous conditions on the trek. Nevertheless, if you take some precautions, winter hiking can be a great experience.  However, if you are new to... read more

High Altitude Hiking

High altitude hiking allows you to enjoy stunning views, get your adrenaline pumping and it makes you feel great. However, before tackling such an adventure, learning how to train for high altitude hiking is essential. You need to understand how altitude can affect... read more


A compass is one of the essential pieces of gear you can bring on a hike. A map is virtually useless without a compass to indicate where north is. While a GPS for hiking may have its uses, it’s not smart to rely only on that alone. The battery can go dead and without... read more

How to use hiking poles

Walking poles. They save your energy, your joints and help you keep your balance in harsh terrain. But if you don’t use them right, you’ll just be weighing yourself down.  WHY USE WALKING POLES? 1. MOVING FASTER UPHILL & ON THE FLATS Trekking poles help you go... read more

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