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How to use hiking poles

Walking poles. They save your energy, your joints and help you keep your balance in harsh terrain. But if you don’t use them right, you’ll just be weighing yourself down.  WHY USE WALKING POLES? 1. MOVING FASTER UPHILL & ON THE FLATS Trekking poles help you go... read more

Waterproofing your hiking boots

Keeping your feet dry is one of the most important things you should do out hiking. Wet feet are not only uncomfortable but can be dangerous in the cold and contribute to blisters. Waterproofing your boots is easy. 20 minutes of work can keep your feet dry and boots... read more

Layering Up for hiking

Being outdoors exposes you to the elements which have its benefits and downsides. It’s important to know how to layering up for hiking in winter and summer. You want to wear the right clothes to make sure you stay warm but don’t overheat. Learning how to dress for... read more

How to pack a backpack for hiking

Everyone can stuff gear into a bag, but learning how to pack a backpack has some big rewards. You’ll be more organised for the trek. Since you’ve made an effort to put each item in its place, it will be easy to find when you need it. And two, your bag will be much... read more

Training for hiking

Preparation is essential to increase the potential for success of any trip. Including making sure you’re in good physical shape before you take off. The only way to do that is to train appropriately and regularly.  MAKE A TRAINING SCHEDULE It’s important to consider... read more


Nothing ruins a hike like a blister. Uncomfortable and painful, even a small blister can stop you in your tracks. Blisters are one of the most common injuries experienced by hikers. By taking the right measures, they can be avoided. WHAT CAUSES BLISTERS? A blister is... read more

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