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Can you climb Kilimanjaro by yourself?

  People come up to me and ask “Can you climb Kilimanjaro on your own?” In 1991 the Tanzanian government and Kilimanjaro National Park Authority changed its policy towards unsupported treks on Mount Kilimanjaro. In short, the regulations require: That all... read more

Altitude Sickness

High mountain ranges such as the Himalaya and Andes offer some of the most spectacular hiking opportunities on the planet. That being said, walking at high altitude brings with it certain risks, the most common of which is altitude sickness, known as acute mountain... read more

Tips for Kilimanjaro

To climb Mount Kilimanjaro is a once in a lifetime opportunity. People travel from all over the world to stand on top of the Roof of Africa. If you fail to prepare, Prepare to fail so being properly prepared to climb Mount Kilimanjaro is the key to a successful summit... read more

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