I have seen a lot of people with knee problems in my walking in my time. here are a few things that help with knee troubles. so here are the ways to reduce knee pain while hiking.

Choose the right shoes

What you put on your feet matters. Make sure that you’re wearing properly fitting hiking boots or shoes. Choose boots with cushioning. This will help absorb the impact of your steps as you hike, and will ease some of the pressure on your joints.

Reduce the weight of your pack

If you’re having problems with your knees, you should decrease the weight you’re carrying. The more you carry, the more weight you’re placing on your knees. Check what’s in your hiking backpack and make sure to remove anything that’s not necessary.

Use Hiking Poles

You can also reduce the impact on your knees by using hiking poles. Hiking poles provide support and redistribute your weight. This weight reallocation lessens the impact of each step. This is my favourite tip, this is a big help on the legs.

Use a Knee Brace

A knee brace can also provide extra support by stabilising your weakest points. There are many knee braces on the market including sleeves, supports, and stabilises.

So these are the tips to reduce knee pain while hiking. Hope they help you to stay healthy and hiking for longer.

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