LEADERSHIP | Second Attribute of Success

Leadership is one of the greatest attributes of a successful team. To be a leader you need to possess certain traits and characteristics that encourage team members to achieve their full potential.

As a leader, you need to lead and inspire through your actions, and you need to believe in your set-out goals and plans.

You need to gain the trust and respect of the team and to inspire them towards set-out objectives and goals.

Leaders believe in their ability to follow goals through to the end.

Leaders believe in their team.

They need to be an effective communicator and to be fair in their expectations of their team members.

A leader has confidence, integrity, is respectful and honest, and is willing to change direction when required.

Leaders lead, they take responsibility for their actions, both when successful and when they fail. We are all leaders in our own right, and when we do not have leaders to follow, we need to be self-leaders.

LEADERSHIP | Second Attribute of Success

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