When I first started my own business at the age of 15, I was hungry, angry, ambitious, and I had a dream. My father, who had a company of his own and had worked his ass off for over 15 years, had gone broke and I was angry at the position it left our family. Dad lost direction for a while because a creditor who owed him a lot of money had decided not to pay as the economy was going into recession and dad took the brunt of this by this creditor defaulting on his commitment.

Dad got depressed, and he saw no way out to salvage his self-esteem and his pride. Dad faced a terrible dilemma. He could not pay those he owed money. It was the worst period of his life. He had worked hard and done everything right and was an honourable man. I did not see the trauma my father was going through, and it caused a lack of respect. As a young person, I did not understand the pain and anguish that this proud man had.


Leaving school to become a millionaire. Not being able to read or write properly. I began my trade as a bricklayer, but my every waking moment was “I’m going to be a millionaire,” I didn’t know how I would do it, but that did not stop me from believing it, and wanting it. Being utterly consumed by my thought process. Within a few years, I achieved what I set out to do.


Later my mother gave me advice in the form of a verse that I have abided with throughout my career. The poem was called “Want and go for it.” I use the thought process in this verse in all I try to achieve. I have developed the thought process to follow the advice in this verse for my goals, and for the team of people I pick to work with me in making my dreams a reality.

Want and go for it.

If you want a thing badly enough,
then you must go and fight for it,
give up your time, your peace and sleep for it.

If your life seems so lonely and pointless without it
and all that you do is dream, and plan about it.
If gladly you fret and sweat for it, then you should go-for-it.

But you go-for-it with all of your capacity, your strength and tenacity.
If you simply go after the things in life you want, though tired, gaunt and lonely,
and if day after day you besiege and beset it, then you will get it.

Your dreams and goals will become a reality.

When I have a goal that I wish to achieve in my own business and adventurers, or with my team members; I insist that we all have the qualities above to ensure success.

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