Training tips for trekking

Taking on one of our trekking challenges? Avoid the pain of blisters and sore legs with our training tips designed to make you a better trekker! Treks can vary enormously in terms of daily distances, ascent, descent and altitude, but all require specific preparation... read more

High Altitude Hiking

High altitude hiking allows you to enjoy stunning views, get your adrenaline pumping and it makes you feel great. However, before tackling such an adventure, learning how to train for high altitude hiking is essential. You need to understand how altitude can affect... read more

How to Calculate Hiking Time

Many times a hiking trail will list its mileage but not an estimated time to complete it. Leaving hikers to guess or, worse, set off hoping they’ll make it back before the sunset hits. No matter where or how you hike, there are certain variables you consider... read more

Altitude Sickness

High mountain ranges such as the Himalaya and Andes offer some of the most spectacular hiking opportunities on the planet. That being said, walking at high altitude brings with it certain risks, the most common of which is altitude sickness, known as acute mountain... read more
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