The Irish Munros

The Irish MunrosIn 1891, Sir Hugh Munro published a list of Scottish peaks that were over 3,000 feet. Over time, any peak or summit over 3,000 feet in Britain and Ireland came to be known as a Munro and additional lists were published showing the Munros in England,... read more

Tips & Tricks for Hiking

Here are some of the best Tips & Tricks for Hiking all on one list for you to use. Some basic tips and tricks for hiking that people miss out on. Tips & Tricks Get ready faster The easy way? Don’t unpack. When you finish a weekend trip, leave all the stuff you... read more


EBC: THE TRIP OF A LIFETIME The trek to Everest Base Camp (EBC) is an extraordinary experience, encompassing not only the journey to the base of the world’s highest mountain but also meeting the people and getting to know the culture of this unique area. In this... read more

Age is no barrier

We are never too old or too young to make radical changes and start anew. Adventure is not the preserve of those under an arbitrarily chosen age. People are defying what society tells them is age-appropriate. Embracing the adventure of life as they explore the limits... read more
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