Karens Retreat

Rest | Recover | Reflect weekend

16th to 18th of February

What can you expect ...

Are you feeling stressed, anxious, or overwhelmed? Do you need a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life? Well, we’ve got just the thing for you – healing retreat in the breathtaking Mountain Lodge.

Join Karen on a transformative journey of self-discovery through an array of mindfulness practices carefully curated to deepen your connection with the present moment. From anchors that ground you in the now to the soothing awareness of your breath, Karen’s workshop offers a rich exploration of mindfulness techniques. Delve into mindful eating and drinking, inviting a heightened sense of appreciation for the nourishment your body receives. Engage in the restorative Body Scan, experience serenity in Sitting Practice, and find balance in mindful walking and movement.

Discover the tranquility of Mountain and Lake Meditations, allowing nature’s serenity to guide your reflections. Karen introduces the warmth of Loving Kindness Meditation, cultivating compassion within. Through the therapeutic practice of Journaling – Flow Writing, unlock the expressive power of your thoughts. Immerse yourself in the present moment with the 5 Senses Meditation, and navigate life’s challenges with the simplicity of the 3 Step Breathing Space.

In Karen’s mindful sanctuary, each practice becomes a stepping stone to a calmer, more centered you. Expect a weekend of introspection, growth, and a newfound understanding of the transformative power within mindfulness.

In the stillness of retreat, we find the space to reconnect with our inner selves, the tranquility to hear our heart's whispers, and the serenity to rediscover the profound wisdom that resides within.

The Schedule

16th- 18th February, 2024

5:00 PM: Warm Welcome and Check-In

Relax, take a walk and partake in a welcome drink and sweet treat with your fellow retreat participants

6:00 PM: Delicious Dinner to Kick Off the Weekend

7:00-9:00 PM: Embrace the Retreat Atmosphere with Welcome, Introductions, and Orientation

8:30 AM: Centre Your Mind with a Serene Morning Meditation
9:00 AM: Energising Breakfast to Start Your Day Right
10:00 AM: Dive into Mindfulness & Self-Compassion Meditations/Exercises 11:00 AM: Refreshing Morning Break
11:20 AM: Flow into Mindful Movement for Body and Soul
12:00 PM: Connect with Nature in a Mindful Walking Session
12:30 PM: Enjoy a Nourishing Lunch
2:00 PM: Immerse Yourself in a Forest Walk with Guided Meditations
5:00 PM: Free Time for Personal Reflection or Exploring
7:00 PM: Delight in a Relaxed Dinner
8:00 PM: Free Evening to Unwind as You Please

8:30 AM: Continue Your Journey with a Morning Meditation

9:00 AM: Breakfast to Fuel Your Final Day

10:00 AM: Deepen Mindfulness & Self-Compassion with Guided Exercises

11:30 AM: Revitalise with a Morning Break

11:45 AM: Gather for a Meaningful Final Session

1:00 PM: Conclude the Retreat with a Satisfying Lunch

Note: This schedule is crafted for your optimal retreat experience and may be subject to minor adjustments.


All ages (from 14 to 90)

Men and women

All levels of fitness

Come on your own or with a friend

What's included

2 nights luxury accommodation

●  1 x delicious healthy dinner

●  2 x healthy lunch full of nutrition and goddess

●  Optional Sea swim at our local swimming spot

●  Welcome tea and delicious home baked treats on arrival

●  Unlimited Guru Tea luxury herbal teas blends and Ariosa Coffee

●  Awareness of Breath: Ground yourself in the present moment by focusing on

the gentle rhythm of your breath.

●  Body Scan: Direct your attention through your body, promoting relaxation and heightened self-awareness.

●  Sitting Practice: Find stillness in seated meditation, fostering a calm and centered state of mind.

●  Mindful Walking in Tommie’s Woods, one of the most breathtaking locations.

●  Mindful Movement: Engage in intentional and purposeful movement, syncingyour actions with mindful awareness.

●  Journaling – Flow Writing: Release your thoughts freely onto paper, allowing anatural flow of expression and self-discovery.

●  5 Senses Meditation: Heighten your awareness by tuning into each of yourfive senses, immersing yourself fully in the present moment.

●  3 Step Breathing Space: Take a moment to pause, observe your breath, and centre yourself amidst the demands of daily life.

Our Wellness Expert

Who is leading Retreat?


An experienced educator, blends her rich background in education with a deep passion for guiding individuals on a transformative journey of self-discovery. Through a unique combination of interactive games and meaningful conversations, Karen fosters an environment where realizations unfold effortlessly. Join Karen as she intricately weaves various methods of self-discovery into a tapestry of introspection, leaving you with profound insights that will resonate long after your time with her. Get ready to embark on a journey of understanding and personal growth with Karen Benn as your insightful and compassionate guide.

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