How to hold trekking poles? A lot of people grab them and start walking, but if you want the full benefits from trekking poles. Check out the image below it could be a game changer for you.


Find out about more the benefits of trekking poles.


The idea of holding the poles by using the straps right is that you take 64 tons of pressure off your knees and back. It is not just alone for balance. If you are scrambling you need to take your hands out of the straps as in this case you could break your shoulder. Of course, lots of people will have different reasons to use poles. The main reason outside of balance is the pressure you can take off your body.

When you are just holding poles for scrambling shorten the poles and hold them in the middle and that they are not too long to poke someone in the eye. When you are descending very steep ground, you should take your hands out of the straps as if you fall you might suffer an injury. If you put your poles away in your rucksack always have the point of the pole down. The big problem is that rucksacks don’t cater for poles adequately.

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