Walking to Burn Calories: Some people have to build up to doing the things they want to do. Not everyone has confidence in their ability to trek up a hill or mountain.

Or they can’t get past there own thoughts of negativity, whether that’s weight or thinking they can’t do it, or capable of doing it.
So for anyone starting and wanting to get outside more or get a bit fitter here are a few tips for walking.

1. Vary your Speed

Start at a slower pace and, as you get warmed up, pick it up with a more reasonable effort.
Then do some short intervals of fast walking, pick a point in the road ahead of you or a lamp post. Then continue to walk at the moderate effort until you see your next target and go for it again.

2. Carry weighs

Carrying 1 to 3-pound hand weights can increase your heart rate by around 5–10 beats per minute, along with increasing oxygen consumption, so its good for cardio.
Two bottles of water would be ideal (and you won’t get thirsty on your walk.) Remember to use your arms, as this will increase the heart rate, getting you fitter and burning more calories.

3. Head for the hill

Don’t worry I am not asking you to follow me up Everest just yet.
Walking uphill takes more energy meaning more calories burned, higher heart rate. If you go on a walk, add some hills in along the way.
Pick a few hills you know you can do, and once you feel there is no challenge in them, add a few more in along your walk.
Try going up and down steps if you are living in a town or city.

4. Use your arms

I have said this above, but using your arms is underrated. Get your upper body firing. It helps burn those calories quicker and get that heart pumping.


While you don’t need to try these tips every day of the week, if you pick 2–3 days to change things up, you may find you’ve torched hundreds of extra calories by the time you reach the weekend. Start by trying one of these tweaks to mix up your approach in the coming weeks to keep things interesting.

The benefits of regular cardiovascular exercise (30 min walk), includes everything from lowering your risk of common illnesses like heart disease, high blood pressure and type 2 diabetes to improving bone health and overall body function. As well as mental health, you get this great exercise. These tips are also a great way of walking to burn calories.

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