What is a vision board?

A vision board can be a collage of pictures and words that represent a goal, a passion or a dream.

How do they work?

They work by placing visual representations of your goals into one space so that you can easily visualize them frequently.

Put them somewhere that you will see it every day so that you can visualize where you want to be daily.

How to create a vision board?

Get all the images that represent your goal or dream Pinterest or magazines are a good source of images and quotes. This is a personal thing, use your gut when picking out images or quotes.

If it gives a feeling that is good (inspires you), but try to keep it in line with your goal as to focus your mind and your internal visualization.

You can be as creative as you want, some people like to put a picture of themselves in the middle.

Have one vision board for each goal.

I would keep the vision board in order and clean as if it gets messy it may affect your visualization.

How to use a vision board?
  • Look at your dream board often and feel the inspiration it provides.
  • Read your affirmations and inspirational words aloud.
  • See and feel yourself living in that manner.
  • Feel yourself in the future you have designed.
  • Believe it is already yours.
  • Acknowledge any and all goals you have already achieved along the way.

Visualization is one of the most powerful mind exercises you can do if you do it properly you really have to see, hear and feel everything that you want from your visualization.

Don’t forget to keep your vision board after you have achieved your goal as a reminder of what you have done.

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