You need to plan for success. I have achieved many of my life’s dreams, and I have done that by setting clear goals and planning meticulously to reduce the risk of failure.

Wherever you are going, you will get there quicker with a plan, but where are you going? If you don’t know what your goals are, I can assure you. You won’t achieve them.

The very fact of our being alive is a gift, and we should grasp every opportunity we have to live to the fullest expression of our potential. To discover the passion and tenacity that leads to success, we need to tap into our deepest wants and use that power to drive us forward; to separate what we want, from what we think we want, or what we’ve been told that we should want.

Once you have clarified your goal, you then need a plan to achieve it. Through a lifetime of experience, I have developed the most straightforward and most direct way to succeed in achieving any goal. The key is to break it down into smaller, achievable tasks and introduce a realistic timeframe for getting each job done. Identify what the key barriers are, accept setbacks, learn from your mistakes, measure progress, reward success and don’t give up.

Goals are a roadmap for life and business. Without them, we can drift without purpose or meaning. Goals fire our passion, remind us what we are working towards and stop us from losing our direction.

Think of your list of tasks as a framework, a skeleton, something to build on. Stick to the bones of the plan as carefully as you can, while still allowing the space to be flexible. Your plan should grow with you as you journey towards your final destination.

Work hard, be resilient, be flexible, don’t give up and never stop dreaming – there are always new things to do and achieve and should be relished not feared. Remember that it is in the following of the dream that the success lies – achieving your goal is a bonus.

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