Standing on top of the world creating a bit of Irish history: Hitting the Highest Puc Fada in the world on Mt. Everest

On The 17th of May 2004, Pat Falvey expedition leader stood on the Summit of Mt Everest for the 2nd with his team.  Dr Clare O Leary became the 1st Irish Female to succeed in climbing Mt.Everest.  Four climbers died on the descent, 3 Koreans and a Bolivian American from another team.

To celebrate the Irish Success Pat brought a hurley and a sliotar as a symbol of Irish culture and tradition. Pat welted a sliotar from the top of the world. Creating an Irish Record of hitting the highest Puc Fada as the sliotar took flight over Tibet.

Hitting the Highest Puc Fada in the world on Mt. Everest

Highest Puc Fada in the world

I hit the highest Puc Fada off of Mt Everest on the 18th of May 2004.I belted it from the summit of Everest and it faded away, down the icy slopes of Everest.Corcaigh Abú!!If anyone wants to go out to the Everest region on trek we are taking bookings for October of this year(only a few spaces left) and next year in April. Check out the link below. #GAA #Cork #Ireland #pufada

Posted by Pat Falvey Adventure Travel / Personal Development / Corporate Training on Thursday, May 18, 2017

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