Learn how to travel light and carry only what you need. All adventurers know the value of ‘travelling light’ and taking with them only what is absolutely necessary for their expedition. By travelling light, we move more quickly and efficiently, making our journey safer and more enjoyable. Learn more about travelling light and watch Pat Falvey share his top tips on how best to pack the gear you need when climbing and hiking.

One of the most important tasks that adventurers do before setting off on an expedition is to go through in minute detail every single thing that they will bring with them for the adventure ahead. They make a list of exactly what they need for the next number of months—every piece of food, items of clothing, medical necessities and the tents for sleeping in. They also allow themselves one or two ‘comfort’ items, maybe a book or small music player; such items are as vital as food during times of long, hard slog in harsh conditions.

Everything is weighed

Everything is weighed and packed and when they put it on their back they see how well they can carry the weight. Such exercises hone their instinct for what is necessary and unnecessary for survival and basic comfort. They learn the advantages of travelling light, not just on the mountains and in Polar regions, but also in life. Adventurers learn to ‘travel light’; to identify what is needed to get where they want to go and to leave behind the excess that will weigh them down and, in extreme situations, act as a possible threat to their survival.

By repeatedly refining what is needed for a journey, we are forced to assess what is really important.

Ask yourself:
  • Are you packing something just because you own it and feel we should use it?
  • Because it gives you comfort?
  • Because it makes you look good?
The benefits of travelling light are:
  • You learn to prioritise
  • When you are honest about what you need and want to keep in your life, you come to know yourself better
  • You consume less and are better friends to the environment
  • Find space in your life to explore more easily and with greater freedom
  • You use your time better because you don’t have to worry about taking care of stuff
Another advantage of travelling light is that we are better positioned to react to changing conditions. Those who are not carrying extra weight are much better positioned to adapt to change and the unexpected.
  • Own only what you need and what you truly want
  • Get rid of stuff that you don’t use, have never used and will never use
  • Let ‘quality over quantity’ be your motto

Learn how to travel light and carry only what you need

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