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Aconcagua Expedition

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Climb Argentina’s Aconcagua, South Americas’ highest peak at 6,959m. Our route, ideal for experienced climbers, combines the False Polish Glacier variation with gradual acclimatization. Join us for an unforgettable ascent of this iconic Andean giant.

Trip Cost ( per person )

€ 5950

Trip Cost ( per person )

€ 5950


€ 500

For private guide and group booking




6,962 m


22 Days



Reach the Summit of South America.

Our meticulously planned route blends the thrill of the False Polish Glacier variation with a gradual acclimatization process, ensuring a safe and unforgettable ascent. Designed for seasoned climbers, this expedition promises an unparalleled journey amidst the stunning landscapes of the Andes. Join us for an unparalleled experience as we scale one of the Seven Summits, and make memories that will last a lifetime.

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Our itinerary is crafted from decades of mountaineering expertise, ensuring a triedand tested journey.

NOTE : Adventure is inherently influenced by weather and conditions, and as such, itmay be subject to minor changes.

Day 1: Departure from Ireland

Day 2: Arrival in Mendoza

Land in Mendoza, Argentina. Receive a warm welcome and transfer to your city hotel for overnight rest.

Day 3: Preparation Day in Mendoza

A day to collect permits, organize equipment, and relax. Attend a team meeting, gearcheck, and rent any additional gear needed.

Day 4: Mendoza – Penitentes – Horcones – Confluencia Camp.(3.390 m/ 11,300 ft).

Private transfer from Mendoza to our warehouse in Penitentes. (there are lockers and storage place available for our guests). You can have coffee and snacks while the guides get the mule loads ready. Another 15 minutes ride takes theteam to Horcones. This is the trailhead and also where the Park rangers will check everybody’s permits. An easy hike (carrying only a daypack) leads to Confluencia, the first camp of the Horcones Valley routes. / 3-4 hs

Day 5: Confluencia – South Face viewpoint (4.050 m / 13,287 ft).

We take a detour to admire the imposing South face of Mt. Aconcagua. The main objective of the day is acclimatization. After a 7-hour hike we spend the night back at Confluencia. / 6-7 hs

Day 6: Confluencia rest and acclimatization day

A good opportunity to get ready for the challenge ahead.

Day 7: Confluencia – Plaza de Mulas (4.350 m / 14,500 ft).After a demanding 8-hour hike, arriving at Base Camp feels like a reward. Our campmanager and crew will greet you like one of the family. A hot shower before a heartydinner, or free internet access to stay in touch with your loved ones, are just some ofthe treats at our “home away from home”.

Day 8: Rest day at Plaza de Mulas

Sleep in your tent, read in the dining tent or try the yoga mats in our heated lounge tent; but whatever you do, get hydrated.

Day 9: Cerro Bonete trek (5.004 m / 16,417 ft).

An acclimatization hike to the neighboring Cerro Bonete: an awesome view of the West Face of Aconcagua and a 5.000 mt peak bagged. / 6-7 hs.

Day 10: Gear carry to Plaza Canadá (5.050 m / 16,568 ft).

The team climbs to the first high camp to carry part of the gear and then returns to Plaza de Mulas. / 4-5 hs.

Day 11: Rest day at Plaza de Mulas.

Treat yourself to a hot shower (a reward after completing the first stage of the climb).

Day 12 : Plaza de Mulas – Plaza Canadá (5.050 m / 16,568 ft).

The team leaves base camp and moves to the first altitude camp. First step of the altitude stage. / 2 1⁄2 to 3 1⁄2 hs.

Day 13: Plaza Canadá – Nido de Cóndores (5.560 m / 18,241 ft).

The team moves to the second camp (expect to carry an 18 to 22 kg backpack). / 4-5hs.

Day 14: Nido de Cóndores – Cólera (last camp · 5.970 m / 19,586 ft).

The team moves to the highest camp of the trip. You’ll have dinner at almost 6.000 m. It’s higher than most places on Earth! / 2 1⁄2 to 3 1⁄2 hs.

Day 15: Summit day! (6.960 m / 22,837 ft).

We leave early to get the most of the (long) day. You will be carrying a very lightbackpack (water, snacks, some clothing, camera). / 8-12 hs.

Day 16: Extra weather day.

To secure the success of the expedition we have added two additional summit days incase of bad weather.

Day 17: Extra weather day.

Day 18: Cólera – Plaza de Mulas.

Back to the comfort of base camp and a well-deserved celebration dinner. / 2-4 hs.

Day 19: Plaza de Mulas – Horcones – Penitentes – Mendoza.

The hike out takes approximately 7 hours. Most of the gear goes in the mules, so you walk light. From the trail head at Horcones, our van drives you to Mendoza, afterpicking up the gear at Penitentes. Hotel check-in, end of the program. / 7-8 hs + 3-4hour drive.

Day 20: Rest Day

Day 21: Depart Mendoza

Climbing Mount Aconcagua is, among other things, a significant personal and team achievement and should to be enjoyed as much as possible. To do it, it is necessary to bear in mind some recommendations when starting to prepare for your ascent. Your experience will depend on your training. The chances of success and safety margin are highly improved by proper preparation and acclimatisation to have the necessary strength to avoid exhaustion during your journey, to avoid accidents and to decrease the likelihood of mountain sickness.

We recommend that you undertake our Expedition Weekend to refresh your camp craft, check your gear, clothing, use of crampons and ice axes. Ideally, we recommend that you undertake our Alpine Skills Course to increase your understanding of what is required on this expedition. Previous experience at high altitude is a plus. Many people move up to Aconcagua from Mount Elbrus or a similar climb. That is the recommended progression to allow a higher success rate.

Our pre-expedition meetings are part of the preparation process. All team members are invited to partake and it is a good idea to attend sessions once you have made up your mind to take on an expedition. The meetings include a thorough briefing on all aspects of the trip and provide an ideal opportunity to clear up any final questions you may have.

It is advisable to bring some money in cash for the trip. ATMs are not always reliable or might have a low daily withdrawal limit. The climbing permit is paid only with cash. There may be occasional personal expenses in Mendoza where cash is needed. Once on the mountain, US Dollars in cash are the best way to pay for services including porters, beer, tips for the muleteers, etc.

  • You have the flexibility to pay your deposit and balance using any legal method. Please note, if you choose to pay via electronic bank transfer, you are responsible for any associated transfer fees. This ensures that the company receives the full invoiced amount in the specified currency. 
  • Cancellations 90 days or more before departure: Full deposit refund if paid in advance. After 90 days, 30% of the deposit is non-refundable.
  • Cancellations 60 days before departure: 50% of the deposit is non-refundable.
  • Cancellations 45 days before departure: Full deposit is non-refundable, plus an additional 30% of the total trip cost.
  • Cancellations 30 days or less before departure: 100% of the total trip cost is non-refundable.

You will need a valid full passport. Please ensure it has six months before expiry prior your departure date. Before applying for your visa, please check dates on your passport. Please bring four passport photos for visas. Visa is acquired upon entry to the country.

Fixed Trip Starting Date

September 21, 2024 - October 12, 2024
September 21, 2025 - October 12, 2025

Trip Cost ( per person )

€ 5950


€ 500

For private guide and group booking


Land only €5,950

The land-only cost is €5,950, and additional details about inclusions/exclusions can be provided upon request. If booking your own flights, note that airport transfer costs apply. Secure your spot with a refundable €500 deposit at booking. Flight expenses are settled upon confirmation. Full payment is due 16 weeks before departure.


  • All transfers at destination
  • Hotel accommodation B&B Prices are based on shared rooms/tents. If single accommodation is required, a supplement applies
  • Camping and all meals on mountain
  • Guides, tents, stoves and communal equipment
  • Mule transportation of equipment
  • Free Wifi at each base camp as well as Confluencia camp


  • Visa fees

  • Park fees

  • Meals en route

  • Bar bills, tips, laundry and room service

  • Travel and cancellation insurance

  • Climbing permit (needs to be paid for on arrival)

  • Extra mules/porterage taken on

  • Extra baggage costs

  • Additional costs incurred if you choose to leave the mountain early or if we summit on the first attempt

  • Personal gear

  • Medication

  • Ground or air evacuations

  • Phone communications and items of personal nature

  • Our trips are designed to avoid any extra cost to the client. If you choose to leave the trip early, There will be additional expenses

  • Independent flights: Pick up and drop off costs to the airport not included

  • Insurance liability and hospital costs



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