A Journey to Adventure

A Journey to Adventure


Author: Pat Falvey
Published by The Collins Press (2007)

In A Journey to Adventure, Pat describes his climbs on the major peaks he has visited, revealing his motives, the dangers and joys at the limits of physical and mental challenges. Each chapter captures the highs and lows of a variety of expeditions to all the seven continents against a background of spectacular settings. The honest narrative and superb photographs recall the ordeals, terrible beauty and hardships of the mountains and give a unique insight into the mindset of this high-altitude mountaineer and Polar adventurer. Lavishly illustrated and inspiring, this book is for anyone who dares to dream the impossible.

Pat Falvey has led many successful expeditions worldwide, encountering many tribes in the countries he has visited. He was the first person to complete the Seven Summits challenge twice by reaching the summit of Mount Everest from both its north side from Tibet and the South side from Nepal.

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