Mind and Body Empowerment Retreat

Experience an enriching blend of fun activities, team challenges, and exhilarating hikes. Discover a harmonious balance for your body and soul as we conquer the trails and savour delicious meals together.


Price: €350
Dates: 25th-27th August 2023

Contact us now for further details. Limited spots are available.

Spaces left: 11

Replenish and relax in The Mountain Lodge based in Kerry the most beautiful part of Ireland.

The “Mind and Body Empowerment Retreat” is a transformative experience that offers a holistic approach to personal growth and self-discovery. Through a carefully curated program of yoga, exercises, hikes, and invigorating cold water dips, participants are encouraged to challenge their physical limits and tap into their inner strength.

Following empowering physical activities, the retreat provides a nurturing space for participants to explore the depths of their minds and souls. Guided meditation and breathwork sessions allow individuals to find tranquillity and inner peace, while the gratitude diary and guided journaling exercises open up possibilities for self-reflection and exploration.

By combining these elements, the retreat seeks to help individuals unlock their true potential, discover their strengths, and foster a deeper connection between mind and body. Participants are encouraged to embrace new perspectives, find inspiration in life’s blessings, and open their hearts to a world of possibilities. Ultimately, the Mind and Body Empowerment Retreat aims to leave participants feeling rejuvenated, empowered, and ready to take on life’s challenges with renewed vigour and purpose.

The Gap of Dunloe


18:00 pm Arrival, Registration & Check In

– Safety/Anchors
– Schedule for the weekend 
– Questions

19:00 pm Ice-breaking games

20:00 pm Dinner/tea and coffee/ provided

21:00 pm Free Time




7:00 am Wake up/Lemon water

8:00 am  Morning Walk/ 15 min exercises

9:00 am Continental breakfast

10:00 am Guided Gratitude Diary

10:30 am Yoga

11:30 pm 30 min Fun Connective games

12:00 pm  Preparation for the woods

13:00 pm Tomies Woods walk/Heart Meditation/Dip In Water/Picnic


Nature(Weather permitted)

16:00 pm Guided Journaling

16:30 pm Free time/tea break

19:00 pm Dinner in Kate Kearney’s Cottage


21:30 pm Rest



7:30 am Wake up

8:00 am Fitness class – 20 min

8:30 am Yoga – 30 min

9:10 am Breakfast

10:30 am Visualisation/ action plan

11:00 pm Free Time

14:00 pm Check Out



Please note if you have any food preferences please notify us in advance. Please note that the weather may bring unexpected surprises, and we’ll adjust the schedule accordingly to ensure your safety and enjoyment.


Lunch for Saturday and Sunday

Water Bottle

Notebook and Pen


Pillow and Cushion


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