I’m enclosing some information for you to take a look at about climbing Mt Elbrus. Mt. Elbrus is the highest mountain in Europe, it is one of the 7 Summits and is situated in one of the most interesting places on the planet in the Caucasus Mountain Range. 

We have been climbing in this region since 1995 and we never tire of the chance to go back each year. It has an amazing history and culture that you will get a chance to learn about as well as getting a chance to see a remote region in Russia. I’m including a short video below to give you a feeling of what it’s like to climb Mount Elbrus. Also there is further information on the climb, your fitness levels, altitude, and about the region in our free webinar, please check it out. 



Sign into Mount Elbrus webinar 

The presentation will give you an overview of the Route – The effects of Altitude – Training “how fit you need to be” – Food – Gear required – Packing – Guides and Porters – Types of accommodation – Your Leaders on the Mountain – Motivations – The psychology needed to succeed – The support for you, family and friends from Ireland to the mountain – Rescue and evacuation plans if required.

Mount Elbrus Web Page 

go and see more information were you will find lots more information on Itinerary : Dates : Pricing: Preparation : Training and some more great videos.  Click here

Skills Required for climbing Mt Elbrus 

We have developed a one day alpine skills training course here at The Mountain Lodge for those of you who would like learn or refresh your skills that are required to climb snow and ice mountains.  The course covers Crampon, Ice Axe, Harness, Glacier travel, Rope work for snow and ice conditions as well as fixed rope techniques, gear and ladder crevasse crossing. This is highly recommended if you are considering Mt. Elbrus or other snow and ice mountains.

View the video below for a flavour of what the training involved or go to our website Alpine Skills Training Course. where you will find further videos and information.

Mount Elbrus is one of our specialities and main signature adventures which we have been running since 1995.  I will be your main contact and adventure consultant here at the office. My private number is 087 2540204 or 064 6644181, if you need any further information just give me a call and I can answer any query you have. I’d be delighted to fill you in on any details that you require, please do not hesitate to connect with me, it will be my pleasure to go through everything with you.
Regards from “The Mountain Lodge” here in Kerry. 
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