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Pat Falvey is a highly acclaimed international adventurer, author, motivational speaker, and corporate mentor. Hailing from Cork city, he stands as Ireland’s most renowned adventurer, gaining global recognition for being the first person to complete the Seven Summits twice by conquering Mount Everest from both its north and south sides. Pat has led groundbreaking expeditions, including being the leader of the first Irish team to reach the South Pole and achieving a feat at the North Pole. His leadership extends to accomplishments such as leading the first Irish team to ski across the Greenland Ice Cap and leading the largest team to complete the South Georgia traverse, a journey famously undertaken by Irish explorers Ernest Shackleton and Tom Crean. Throughout his extensive travels, Pat has engaged with and studied the mindset of over 30 tribes across the globe.

Before embracing a life of adventure, Pat enjoyed success as a property developer and businessman. Despite facing setbacks during the national economic recession in the 1980s, he maintained a positive attitude, venturing into extreme adventure while simultaneously rebuilding his business empire. Pat is a versatile entrepreneur, having established businesses in property development, construction, finance, insurance, auctioneering, adventure tourism, film production, team and corporate coaching, and mentoring. He is also the author of five books, including “You Have The Power: Explore The Mindset You Need To Realise Your Dreams.”

Pat’s life journey encompasses both triumphs and setbacks in adventure and business, yet he remains steadfast in his belief that every individual possesses untapped potential. He sees us all as ordinary individuals capable of extraordinary achievements through our actions. Leveraging his extensive experience in both the business and adventure realms, Pat has distilled valuable lessons and developed compelling presentations and courses that inspire and guide individuals to challenge themselves and unlock their full potential.

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