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Wellbeing Weekend Retreat with Girmante

Rediscover Your Inner Harmony and Nature’s Serenity

Experience a Transformative Retreat Amidst Pat Falvey’s Mountain Lodge

Friday 25th August @ 5PM to Sunday 27th August @ 4PM

Embrace the Opportunity to:

Reconnect with your authentic self and the enchanting beauty of nature.

Immerse yourself in serene meditations, gentle movement, and blissful relaxation.


Discover the solace of a peaceful sanctuary.

Contact us now for further details. Limited spots are available.


11 in stock

Friday 25th August @ 7:00 PM to Sunday 27th July @ noon for an unforgettable wellness experience that will leave you feeling rejuvenated and inspired. 🏞️💚

Our experienced team of wellness experts will guide you through revitalizing yoga sessions, invigorating hikes, and mindfulness practices that will help you find your inner balance. 🧘‍♀️🥾

Connect with fellow wellness enthusiasts, forming lifelong friendships and creating a supportive community. 🤝💕

Immerse yourself in the magic of our mountain lodge, nestled in breathtaking scenery and cosy accommodation.



19:00 pm 🌄 Welcome! Check-In & Register! 📝💫

20:30 pm Meeting the group/Chat beside the fire

22:00 pm Free time


7:30 am Wake up

8:00 am Morning Walk/ 15 min meditation

9:00 am Breakfast/provided/

10:00 am Guided Gratitude Diary

11:00 am Tomies Woods walk

13:00 pm Refreshments and lunch

14:30 pm Relaxation/Afternoon Tea

15:00 pm Yoga

16:30 pm. Guided journaling

19:00 pm Dinner at Kate Kearney’s Cottage

21:30 pm Free Time


7:30 am Wake up

8:00 am Visualisation/action plan

8:30 am Yoga

9:30 am Breakfast

10:30 am Free Time

12:00 pm Departure

Items for you to bring


Money for dinner at Kate’s Cottage


Notebook and pen


Pillow or cushion (optional for meditation)


Good walking shoes


Awareness of breath

Mindful eating/drinking

Awareness of the moment 

Sitting practice

Mindful Walking

Mindful movement

Mountain meditation

Lake breathing technique

Gratitude Diary 


Visualisation tools

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