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Team-building & Company Challenges

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With his vast experience on the highest mountains in the world, Pat Falvey knows how important it is for teams and individuals to remain focused, motivated and passionate about achieving their goals. In our team-building and company challenges, we bring the lessons Pat has learned in some of the harshest conditions imaginable to team-building and company challenges, creating one and two-day packages that will inspire and energise you for the challenges ahead – and you’ll have a lot of fun along the way too!

These events enable you to get out of the office, switch off from online media and switch on to nature while engaging with your team in a new, educational and enjoyable way. Whether you are planning a conference, retreat or off-site meeting, if you are interested in incorporating entertaining employee workshops, our qualified staff have plenty of unique events that will motivate, energise and enlighten your participants. Our activities address the following goals:

  • Ice breaking and group bonding
  • Outside-the-box thinking
  • Problem-solving
  • Adapting to change
  • Decision-making
  • Effective communication
  • Co-operation and trust
  • Negotiation and conflict resolution 

We offer a variety of practical and motivating team-building options that include hillwalking, rock climbing, abseiling, navigation and surprise games in the fantastic outdoor playground of Co Kerry. Our one and two-day events are always tailored specifically to your team or company’s needs and aspirations. You tell us what your targeted goals for the challenge are and we will create a package of challenges, activities and fun to meet your needs.

Beyond Endurance Challenge

The Beyond Endurance Challenge is a two-day course that challenges participants to move beyond their comfort zone and find new limits for what they can achieve. It is based on the challenge that faced the shipwrecked crew of the Endurance and their leader Ernest Shackleton when they found themselves struggling for survival in Antarctica after their ship was trapped in the ice before eventually going under.

Our Beyond Endurance Challenge encourages participants to confront self-restricting beliefs, complacency, attitudes to challenge and risk-taking. It helps participants develop the attributes necessary not only to survive but also to focus on achieving their goals. Night One consists of camping out in the wilds of Kerry while Day One offers a full day of wilderness activities in the mountains, forests and lakes of the stunning Kerry landscape. After a day in the great outdoors participants return to their accommodation to relax before a celebratory dinner. Day Two includes a hike, assessment and feedback as well as the option to avail of spa and pool facilities at a five-star hotel. The Beyond Endurance Challenge is ideal as a bootcamp for team-building for companies and sports teams and also for groups of individuals who want to challenge themselves to grow and go further.

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