Navigation & Rope Skills

At Pat Falvey Irish & Worldwide Adventures we provide training that covers all skills needed when you are trekking and climbing in the hills and mountains. Our two-day course covering navigation, rope skills, rock climbing and abseiling provides you with the skills required to be confident and self-sufficient in all weather and across all upland terrain in Ireland.

Along with navigation skills, you will be introduced to rope techniques such as coiling, belaying, confidence roping, knots and abseiling. This course is ideal for those who wish to increase their skills level and who would like to feel confident that they can enjoy the hills and mountains and return safely.

The Gap of Dunloe in Co Kerry is renowned for its spectacular climbing routes and the sandstone rock makes for ideal rock climbing conditions. Abseiling is also a great way to explore remote locations in the Gap. You can choose from 10-20m abseils and hang out in the beautiful valley.

Climbers have travelled here from all over the world to climb these spectacular routes and our instructors have chosen a variety of crags where you can abseil and enjoy this amazing landscape from a different angle. We will also introduce you to fixed rope techniques, crevasse rescue and the use of jumars to aid greater self-sufficiency in the outdoors.

Skills covered include:

  • Map reading
  • Feature recognition
  • Grid referencing
  • Basic compass skills
  • Clothing and equipment
  • Route planning
  • Movement on steep ground
  • Group control
  • Rope skills


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