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We offer three bootcamp options which are challenging and exciting for participants while also being enjoyable and educational. In a supportive environment and with the aid of highly trained camp instructors, we design bootcamps that take you and your team beyond your comfort zone, sharing the lesson that when we all work together as a unified team our chances of reaching our goals are much higher. In all our bootcamps we work to ensure that a group dynamic is established that will serve as the foundation to motivate individual participants to achieve beyond what they thought they were capable of. Our bootcamps improve not only team bonds but also the long-term attitude and motivation levels of participants.

We organise teams of companies and clubs. A minimum number of 10 people. €100 per person.


Our Military Bootcamp is specially designed to meet the needs of individual groups. Teams participate in agility games and mental challenges designed to put them under pressure. The focus is on teamwork and on providing an overview of team structure and capability. There is an emphasis on quick thinking, quick pace and problem-solving ability. The team dynamic is strengthened by the Start, Stop, Change and Continue guidelines provided. Teams learn about building strategies, negotiation and identifying weak links. Support and solutions are provided to help teams reach success, both on the day and into the future.


Team-building events are a fantastic way of increasing employee involvement and inspiring positive changes. We offer a variety of practical and enlightening team-building options to satisfy your company’s specific needs. Whether you are planning a conference, retreat or off-site meeting, if you are interested in incorporating entertaining employee workshops, our qualified staff have plenty of unique events that will motivate, energise and enlighten your participants. The principal aim of all our team-building events is to create an awareness within the group that developing and working as a team works very effectively as an advantage towards achieving the team goal. Our events also bring awareness among the stronger team members that they must support the weaker team members if the team, as a whole, is to achieve its goal. Each person has a role within the team to achieve the shared goal. We go to great lengths to tailor each bootcamp to your specific needs and offer activities that address the following specific goals:

· Ice breakers and bonding

· Out-of-the-box thinking

· Informed problem-solving

· Learning to adapt to change

· Intelligent decision-making

· Effective communication

· Recognising the importance of co-operation and trust

· Successful negotiation and conflict resolution


Participants in our Alpine Bootcamp learn how to be self-sufficient while travelling on snow and ice (simulated training). The aim of this course is to provide you with the basic skills you will need to summit in winter conditions in Scotland, the Alps, the Himalaya, Russia and on any mountains that require snow/ice/ mountaineering skills. We train you to be proficient in the use of crampons, ice axes, ski poles and other climbing equipment. You will also learn certain techniques used in glacier travel, crevasse rescue, fixed rope techniques and abseiling in the safety of controlled, simulated conditions.

This course is recommended for people who wish to climb in areas such as the Alps, the Andes, the Himalaya and all the great mountain ranges of the world as well as those who wish to increase their general fitness and endurance in the outdoors.

Dates: Contact us for available dates

Location: MacGillycuddy’s Reeks, Gap of Dunloe, Killarney, Co Kerry

Duration: Two days/one-day intensive

Grade: easy to moderate, suitable for beginners to advanced. You will learn a lot more by learning the skills in controlled conditions in good weather. By undertaking this course you will increase your knowledge and proficiency before going climbing in the harsh conditions associated with expeditions and winter mountaineering.

Skills covered (this is a general list and can be tailored to suit specific requirements for any expedition):

  • Use and fitting of equipment: boots, helmet, harness, emergency pack, ski poles, ropes, ascenders, slings, prusicks, chocks, cams
  • Belaying: securing yourself and others to the mountain, lowering and taking in using slings and other devices
  • Glacier crossing: safe use of ice axe and crampons
  • Ropework: how to tie in, safely move as a team, quick belay using an ice axe
  • Crevasse rescue: self-rescue, assisted rescue, pulley and Z methods

Equipment: hire and/or purchase of necessary equipment is available for those who have not yet bought ice axes/crampons/harness, etc. We recommend that you pack as per our list for the expedition to Mount Elbrus: in this way you can test any new equipment and ask us any questions you may have regarding your current clothing and equipment.

Price: €150 per person for two days, €100 for intensive one-day (accommodation not included). Group discounts available. Contact us for further details.


I want to express my huge thanks, to all involved @ Pat Falvey Adventure, for the recent introduction boot camp. As new management in charge of a Sarsfields Senior Camogie Team for the coming year, it was critical for us to get the know the group early on. So for our first session, we found this to be exactly what we needed. There was plenty of physical exercises, working on specific puzzles, building structures, plenty of communication working in small and large groups. The location was ideal, and great fun along the way. The homemade pizzas were the icing on the cake! The feedback we received from the girls was fantastic. It was the perfect start to hopefully a long and fruitful year.
Thank you again, and we’ll be back for the advance Bootcamp in the coming months.

Sarsfields Camogie management



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