High Altitude Hiking

High altitude hiking allows you to enjoy stunning views, get your adrenaline pumping and it makes you feel great. However, before tackling such an adventure, learning how to train for high altitude hiking is essential. You need to understand how altitude can affect...

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Boost your confidence & make you happier

We all have fears and insecurities, but having no confidence in ourselves is far worse. There are a variety of reasons to lack self-confidence. Regardless of the reasons, the good news is that their many habits we can acquire that can help us boost our self-confidence...

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A compass is one of the essential pieces of gear you can bring on a hike. A map is virtually useless without a compass to indicate where north is. While a GPS for hiking may have its uses, it’s not smart to rely only on that alone. The battery can go dead and without...

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You need to plan for success. I have achieved many of my life’s dreams, and I have done that by setting clear goals and planning meticulously to reduce the risk of failure. Wherever you are going, you will get there quicker with a plan, but where are you going? If you...

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How to use hiking poles

Walking poles. They save your energy, your joints and help you keep your balance in harsh terrain. But if you don’t use them right, you’ll just be weighing yourself down.  WHY USE WALKING POLES? 1. MOVING FASTER UPHILL & ON THE FLATS Trekking poles help you go...

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When we consider our dreams, goals and aspirations, we often procrastinate because we are afraid – afraid of critics of failure of ridicule, of success itself. We fear the commitment that following our dreams or fulfilling our goals demands. Most of all we fear...

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Fitting your backpack

It all begins with picking the right backpack. If you start off with a pack that’s too big or too small for you, no matter what you do, it will never feel comfortable. So what are the most important things to consider when buying a new backpack? The only...

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Waterproofing your hiking boots

Keeping your feet dry is one of the most important things you should do out hiking. Wet feet are not only uncomfortable but can be dangerous in the cold and contribute to blisters. Waterproofing your boots is easy. 20 minutes of work can keep your feet dry and boots...

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You must believe in yourself. Nurture a positive mindset and believe in your potential to achieve. Start exploring the extent of your capabilities in the knowledge that you are far more capable than you ever before thought possible. Set goals and congratulate yourself...

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Layering Up for hiking

Being outdoors exposes you to the elements which have its benefits and downsides. It’s important to know how to layering up for hiking in winter and summer. You want to wear the right clothes to make sure you stay warm but don’t overheat. Learning how to dress for...

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