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“A 50 PLUS Community which empowers our members to develop an active, healthy, sustainable lifestyle so you can achieve your goals and dreams.”

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One of our priorities is to provide you with high quality, accurate, science based information so you can constantly improve your knowledge about your :


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When you join the Club, you’ll receive  5 Core Articles, one for each topic within 3 weeks. These are your “foundations” for an active, healthy, sustainable lifestyle. 

After that you’ll receive by email, 2 monthly articles  which  will be fairly evenly spread from our 5 topics.


 We’ll also email you our Monthly Newsletter which will keep you up to date on all Club news, including our:



Activity Events

We’ll arrange regular activity events to help you stay active and build the Forever Young Club community. There’ll be a reasonable  fee to attend these events to cover our costs.

Social Events

We’ll also hold social events during the year which are designed to develop our Forever Young Club community. There will also be a reasonable fee to cover our costs.

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Our goal is to really help and look after our members and we hope that by doing so you’ll want to help us.

While we hope you’ll encourage your family and friends to join the Forever Young Club, we’ll never take this for granted. So we’re going to reward you when you make a referral.

You can find details of these rewards by clicking on our Referral Rewards program.


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